Please Sign: Petition to Reinstate Funding to the National Institutes of Health during the Shutdown.

Will you sign this petition to reinstate funding for clinical trials of potentially life saving medication at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? Please support this cause by sharing this petition with your friends. Let’s tell our government that nobody’s death should be caused by the shutdown.

All the best,
Nicole Bruland
Petition Organizer

Recommended Read: Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman

In the weeks since its release, Bringing Up Bébé has been a topic of debate on both sides of the Atlantic. While some have been quick to label it as a parenting manual, or an affront against American parents everywhere, Bringing Up Bébé is really one mother’s account of navigating the new and mysterious world of parenthood, and having to do it in another country, proposing a culture shock all its own.  Bringing Up Bébé is an amusing, touching, and adventurous account of life as a new parent and the choices one must make in the best interest of one’s own child, family, and life.  Bringing Up Bébé highlights the  inner struggles we all face as parents, on both sides of the Atlantic. Through the author’s light and humor-filled look at her own trials and tribulations, we just might find a bit of ourselves – who we are today and who we’d like to be.

Rating: *****  (5 Stars)

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