Learning Languages & More with Teacher Tube

As a mom, and an educator, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to expose my children, and my students, to foreign language learning.  Not a big fan of sticking to the textbook, I advocate breaking down the walls of the classroom (or home), bringing the outside in and facilitating hands-on exploration.

A great resource to support all types of learning, including foreign language learning is Teacher Tube.  There, you’ll find all kinds of learning resources, involving all types of media. Tip: Become a member for free and you will be able to skip the advertisements preceding each video.  My children love watching the videos made by students their own age.  They learn while being entertained and motivated.  They think “If kids my age can do it, I can do it too!”  My husband is a math teacher and loves this entertaining rap video for teaching fractions.  The possibilities are endless, no matter what the subject area!

Teacher Tube has also partnered with Pearson Education, and other education publishers, to formTeacher Vision, a free online resource available through Teacher Tube. The site includes cross-curricular lessons for every area of focus, making it simple for both teachers and parents to create learning experiences that are inclusive and varied.

Of course, my favorite Teacher Tube channel is the World Languages Channel providing an endless (and searchable!) database of creative videos allowing parents and teachers to customize learning experiences.

Here are a few examples:

French Alphabet – Pronunciation and Examples

French Alphabet Song – Audio Only

French Greetings & Salutations

The Gummy Bear Song– Kids love it!!

**Other languages are available!

Take some time to explore the site. Both entertaining and useful, there is certainly something for everyone! Remember, the content is user-created, so quality will vary.  Don’t be afraid to get  kids involved in creating their own videos to illustrate what they are learning in any subject area!  You’ll be impressed with the results!

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