Learning Languages Boosts Overall Achievement

Amongst other aspects of any given culture (such as music, cuisine, art, etc.), the language(s) spoken within it play an important role the development of cultural identity.  Within the United States itself, and all over the world, we see and experience a wide range of languages being maintained within individual cultural communities.  In our every day lives, we are surrounded by languages of the world.  Part of the excitement of going to a French restaurant, for example, is hearing (and even speaking) the language – a momentary immersion into that particular culture.  There are so many opportunities within our local community to experience the languages of the world via the many restaurants, festivals, art exhibits, and other activities.  Wherever your language interest lies, I can help with resources to begin and continue your exploration!

Did you know that in many communities,  over 50 languages are spoken?  It’s true!  If your child doesn’t currently speak another language, chances are he or she has a classmate or friend who does.  While research shows that the best time to learn a foreign language is during early childhood, comprehensive Pre-K and elementary school language programs still remain rare in our local community and across the country.   The increasingly global community in which we live now demands an increasingly global and multilingual workforce.  A recent national entrepreneur survey indicated that foreign language abilities are among the top five skills employers look for in today’s workforce.

Would you like to get your child started on learning languages other than the one spoken in the home? Here are a few resources to get you started!

Have questions?  Want more information?  Just ask!   Be sure to check back soon for more information, tips, and advice!

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